Personal Plans

Normal Progression

• Free Initial Assessment interview – is this for you? If this is for you, assist in clarifying your focus area(s) for improvement (i.e. are you looking for a specific targeted result? Whole life balance? Superior habit development? Accelerated action plan?)

• In depth personal interview

• Your personal strategy design

• Coaching process begins with your custom personal strategy

• Intermediate result(s) assessment review

Business and Corporate Plans

• Business productivity audits and assessments – identify areas for process improvement/development; facilitate implementation of action plans

• Employee engagement facilitation (improvement teams – job enrichment)

• Employee personal planning and time management seminars

• Safety improvement programs

• Quality Assurance program implementation

• Productivity improvement programs

• Communication improvement programs for better Teamwork and Results

• Leadership and management development

• Introduction to LEAN and implementation of effective 5S programs