Client privacy and privacy regarding any client communications will be protected. After the initial no cost interview, a confidentiality agreement will be initiated and completed. No audiotaping or 2nd party attendance will be conducted by ECS during coaching calls. Phone messages left with Executive Coaching Services will not be forwarded or recorded.


Executive Coaching Services will only engage in actions that are legal, ethical, and healthy for its clients. Trust is fostered with our clients by being our word (doing what we say we will do). Being one’s word is crucial in our clients’ success and will be fostered as a governing principle in their lives. We will only engage with clients with whom we are confident successful results will occur. We respect the financial position of our clients and are committed to preventing personal debt issues for them.


Executive Coaching Services believes that success is best achieved through a series of small incremental results that build upon one another. By “keeping it simple” we will use our energy wisely so as to both “enjoy the journey and achieve your results”. One 20 to 30 minute call per week and follow up on commitments you choose and agree to, is all there is to it.


Executive Coaching Services is fully committed to our clients achieving their desired results. “We don’t confuse efforts with results.” Written progress records will be developed and measured with our clients.

Key focus in achieving your desired results occurs as a consequence of improving habits, routines, and perspectives (paradigm shifts). This is achieved through a guided process of self discovery that raises self awareness in your “noticings” of activities and interactions around you. By taking ownership for personal responsibility in your success, you will identify and embrace “best practice” proactive actions and winning responses that will lead to effortless achievement of the results you desire.