Please find below our various plans for personal coaching and business assessments.

General fees are $150.00 per hour plus expenses ( applies to coaching calls and on site visits). The initial assessment interview is free.

Business assessments are done on site. These assessments consist of personnel interviews and walk through of the business location(s); written assessment report with recommendations are included in the cost. Follow up training is also available after the completion of the business assessment.

Workshops and seminars are also available.

Discounted College Student Coaching Services (DCS Plans)

DCS Assessment Interview - 2 calls

DCS Plan A - 2 calls per month $60.00
DCS Plan B - 4 calls per month $105.00
Personal Coaching Services (PC Plans)

PC Assessment Interview - 2 calls


PC Plan A - 2 calls per month

PC Plan B - 4 calls per month $200.00
Micro Burst Coaching Package for the highly motivated - 7 weeks to success
Micro Burst Coaching Package $950.00
Accelerated Personal Coaching Services (APC Plan)
APC Plan A $4500.00

Details: Covers 1-2 daily 10-15 minute calls 5 days per week with two 45 to 60 minute calls per week for entire month. You will have 2 coaches assigned to you for duration of this coaching period. All your needed appointments associated for your goal achievement(s) will be made for you. Includes assessment interview in addition to the daily and weekly calls. Any material needs such as reference material or equipment will be purchased and shipped for you overnight express.

Business Assessments (BA Plans)
BA Plan A - 4 hour assessment $500.00
BA Plan B - 8 hour assessment $900.00
Listening to Your Heart Workshop -
With 21 days of Follow-up coaching available

"Listening to the Heart Workshop" - Single Reservation - Workshop Only $20.00
"Listening to the Heart Workshop" - Couples Reservation - Workshop Only $35.00
"Listening to Your Heart" Personal Coaching Program $200.00