Please find below our various plans for personal coaching and business assessments.

Professional Rate is $150 per hour plus expenses; student rate is $75 per hour for High School, College, and Vocational School students. The initial assessment interviews are free (two calls and a completed “need assessment” form).

Business assessments are done on site. These assessments consist of personnel interviews and walk through of the business location(s); written assessment report with recommendations are included in the cost. Follow up training is also available after the completion of the business assessment.

Workshops and seminars are also available.

* Accelerated “Micro Burst” plan – a 30 day program for the highly motivated …. a fast paced strategy for making quick quantum improvements.

* Recommended moderately paced plan – our normal approach that focuses on identifying, developing and sustaining winning habits and routines.

* Platinum Immersion Plans – includes 3 to 4 days overnight stay(s) at our on-site rural coaching cottage and/or embedded coaching interaction visit(s) at your home/work. Costs can vary from $5,000 to $80,000.

Business Plans:
* Leadership plan – one on one leadership enhancement coaching in areas such as delegation, motivation, listening, teambuilding, building healthy relationships at work/home, personal health & fitness, etc.

* Team Plan – Facilitating and teaching groups how to manage and progress improvement strategies.